The Argentinian pulse stamps have been finalized and released.

Additionally, on November 17th, Martin Rosenkjaer with the Argentina National Committee participated in in a conference about Nutrition at the University of Lujan and highlighted the various benefits of pulses, reviewed pulse production and showcased IYP2016. Finally, on November 22nd, a conference titled “Jornada De Legumbres Valor Agregado: Alimentos y Energia” took place in Salta, Argentina.


La Conferencia “Año Internacional de las Legumbres 2016 – Ciudad de Guatemala” congregará a especialistas que reflexionarán sobre el aporte de las legumbres a la sostenibilidad, la seguridad alimentaria y la nutrición nacional.

Guatemala. 2016 fue proclamado por la ONU como “El Año Internacional de las Legumbres”. Bajo ese marco, y como cierre de la celebración, el Consejo Estadounidense del Frijol (US Dry Bean Council) presentó la conferencia “Año Internacional de las Legumbres 2016 – Ciudad de Guatemala”, que congregará a diferentes sectores que componen la cadena productiva, especialistas e investigadores.

Pulses took centre stage at the Food Matters Live exhibition held from Nov 22nd – 24th at Excel London.  To celebrate United Nations’ International Year of Pulses 2016 (IYP), the event showcased the versatility of Pulses in two cookery demonstrations which took place in their “Catering for Health” theatre. The demonstrations featured chef and writer Jenny Chandler, the UN Special European Ambassador for IYP 2016 who prepared a series of quick, easy and tasty Pulse recipes.

22 November 2016, ROME-Consumer awareness of the nutritional and dietary benefits of pulses, the edible seeds of leguminous plants and notably including lentils, chickpeas, cowpeas and many dry beans, remains inadequate and more must be done to promote their role in food systems, FAO Deputy Director-General Maria Helena Semedo said today.