2016 is the International Year of Pulses, and the buzz starts with YOU!

We all love pulses and know their many benefits:

Delicious and versatile


Heart-healthy and nutritious


Renewable and sustainable

Help spread the word about these super foods. Your community — and your planet — will thank you!

Whether you're part of a National Committee, a school, or just an individual with a passion for promoting the International Year of Pulses, this page will provide resources and ideas to help your initiatives thrive.

National Committees

Click here for downloadable National Committee Toolkits

How you can help:


Click here for downloadable Lesson Plans

How you can help:

  • Incorporate the IYP 2016 lesson plans into your curriculum
  • Host a recipe competition to find the best pulse dish at your school
  • Encourage your cafeteria to serve more pulse-based meals


10 Ways You can Promote IYP2016

How you can help:

Anyone and everyone is invited to celebrate Global Pulse Day on January 18, 2017!

We hope to have a full day of celebrations around the world, and only you can make this happen!

  • How to participate in #GlobalPulseDay:
  • Plan any event at your organization, local community group, school, or place of work
  • Invite everyone you know to take part
  • Post to social media news about your event, recipes, or pulse news to spread the word (use the hashtags #IYP2016 #GlobalPulseDay #beansrecipe #healthyeating #meatlessmondays #recipe #pulses)
  • Follow the LovePulses social media for news about other Global Pulse Day events taking place in your area, and around the world

Learn more about Global Pulse Day