Among the IYP activities that GPC and its partners have completed is the creation of the  website

This website serves as a home for the pulse brand and the industry as a whole not just in 2016, but into the future. A key part of the site is the recipe section, which has two components.

The first is a pulse recipe database which features as many pulse recipes as we can gather. All National Committees are encouraged to provide as many pulse recipes as possible!

The second is the World's Greatest Pulse Dish (previously the National Signature Dish), which is where you come in! Each National Committee is invited to select a single pulse dish which best represents the cuisine of your country and tradition in using pulses. You have two options for selecting a Signature Dish:

  1. Host a Competition!
    This is an opportunity to both show the world the wide variety of nations involved in pulses and for you as National Committees to promote pulses through an exciting competition!
    As an example, the Australian National Committee held a competition to select the Australian Signature Dish. Submissions were judged by an expert panel, including a famous Australian Chef, and several people in the food media industry. The winner won a $1,000 cash prize and a trip to Melbourne to receive the award! You can read more here:
  2. Select a Dish!
    If you do not have the opportunity to run a competition, you can select the dish you feel is most representative of your country’s cuisine. Once the dish is selected, the GPC Secretariat for IYP will feature it on’s recipes section as the recipe from your country.

The selection of the dish is up to you, but it may be desirable to host a competition to select the recipe, as a way to engage consumers and promote pulses!

Currently, we have 64 Recipes in the World's Greatest Pulse Dishes. This includes 15 recipes which were selected to have a video made for their recipe! You can view the video's here

if you would like to include a recipe for your country, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions, and for more details.

World's Greatest Pulse Dishes (296 KB)