January 18, 2017 will be a day to remember for beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas. People around the globe gathered to celebrate these astonishing pulse crops - one of the final celebrations of the 2016 UN International Year of pulses - to successfully raise awareness on the multiple benefits of consuming pulses for people and the planet.

Global Pulse Day exceeded all expectations: while last year’s Pulse Feast saw 141 events in 36 countries, this year’s celebrations broke the record of 225 events in 63 countries reaching 62 million impressions via social media. 

From the 5 year old boy in Uttar Pradesh, India, who celebrated pulses by planting them in his backyard to a 96 years young grandfather cooking red lentils with fresh rosemary sprigs for his family living in a sustainable farm in South Georgia, there really is no age limit to be passionate about pulses.

We witnessed a great variety of events: some planned pulse-based staff events or parties with friends and families, others launched training for farmers or recipes promoting pulses, some hosted seminars on pulses or simply joined the social media campaign that day. We partnered with our Gourmet Gurus who shared tips to best integrate pulses in your diet through our blog. 

The Pulse Feed took over www.pulses.org homepage with instant and live updates about all the events as they were being shared on social media.

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