Brazil celebrated the Pulse Day with a lot of passion. Ibrafe, Beans and Pulses Brazilian Institute, began a large campaign a few months earlier to inform people about the beans history, kinds of beans, the importance of eating this food, what the pulses are and more. This campaign happened basically on Facebook.

The first issue of the CIFSCRF Pluses of Pulses Stories of Change Newsletter highlights the recent field visits around Hawassa University in November and December 2016 which shines the spotlight on the very important “Agents of Change” in Ethiopia.

CIFSRF Pluses of Pulses Stories of Change Newsletter

The official launch of our CIFSRF project website took place earlier this month, Be sure to visit often as they tell the important story of the 20 year CIFSRF collaboration between University of Saskatchewan and Hawassa University.


5 year old child, Krishnav Jain, from India celebrated International Year of Pulses by actively participating in learning and understanding the concept of growing pulses and its nutritional benefits by planting them in his own backyard.

Le 18 janvier, à l’occasion du « Global Pulse Day », la chaire ANCA/AgroParisTech vous invite à mettre des légumes secs dans vos assiettes ! #chichedefi 

Le #chichedefi est une campagne qui a pour but de promouvoir et d’inciter la consommation des légumineuses sur les réseaux sociaux (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). La campagne sera lancée officiellement lors du Global Pulse Day organisé le 18 janvier prochain par Love Pulse dans la continuité de l’année internationale des légumineuses décrétée par la FAO (International Year of Pulses 2016).