By Maria Diaz, Emerging Ag

On December 5, the Global Pulse Confederation (GPC) and the Permanent Representation of Argentina to FAO, WFP and IFAD co-hosted the year-end celebration of the International Year of Pulses.

The year-end celebration, which took place in Rome, hosted 42 guests including Ambassadors and diplomatic officials from Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Switzerland, and Turkey. High-representatives from the World Food Programme, IFAD and FAO also were present.

H.E. Claudio Javier Rozencwaig, Ambassador of Argentina, and Andrew Jacobs, Director of UK Pulses Promotion Group and representative of GPC, inaugurated the evening with opening speeches.

Ambassador Rozencwaig talked about the strategic importance the production of pulses has for the livelihoods of thousands of Argentinean smallholders, playing a key role in the country’s economy and food security.

On behalf of GPC, Andrew Jacobs shared the successes that the IYP campaign had achieved in 2016, and encouraged all guests to celebrate Global Pulse Day next January 18th as a commitment to raise people’s awareness of the benefits of pulses for nutrition and the environment. Jacobs also addressed the importance of having an IYP legacy report to build on the momentum gained during 2016.

The versatility of pulses was the inspiration for the menu, as the four courses were entirely based on pulses.

With over 800 million people globally suffering from acute or chronic undernourishment, the International Year of Pulses has created a unique moment to showcase the value that pulses can provide for sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition.

Agentina IYP Year End Photos

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