The UN Food and Agriculture Organization has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses (IYP) to encourage connections throughout the food chain that would better utilize pulse-based proteins, further global production of pulses, increase the efficiency of crop rotations, and address trade challenges. The International Year creates a unique moment to showcase transformative research investments that would allow pulse crops to deliver on their full potential as a critical player in the global food system.

With funding support by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada, this initiative is led by Emerging Ag, Inc. on behalf of the Global Pulse Confederation, which has sponsored a wide array of activities for the International Year of Pulses. It is motivated by the large gap between the potential of pulse crops for meeting global sustainability challenges and the current capacity to seize this potential. The 10-Year Research Strategy report will be used to set an agenda for global discussion and mobilize champions to advocate for accelerated pulse research investments.

Development of the 10-Year Research Strategy builds on earlier scoping work such as a global survey of pulse research funding and relies on collaborative engagement with pulse research stakeholders. In September, interviews were held with thirty-three researchers working across many different scientific disciplines, geographic areas, and pulse crop types. In October, a write-shop was held as part of the Second International Legume Society conference in Troia, Portugal and public comments were invited on a draft version of the 10-Year Research Strategy in early November 2016. A final version of the Research Strategy is available here:

10 Year Research Strategy Pulse Crops - Final (1.04 MB)

Download the 10-Year Research Strategy presentation from the IYP Global Dialogue here

To learn more about key pulse research issues, you are invited to read these recent blog posts from international pulse crop experts:


Organizing Author: 
Dr. Shoba Sivasankar (Director, CGIAR Research Program on Grain Legumes, ICRISAT)

Lead Author – Breeding and genetics for improved productivity and resilience: 
Dr. Noel Ellis (Professor, School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Lead Author – Pulses in integrated crop systems and agricultural landscapes: 
Dr. Robin Buruchara (Director of the Pan Africa Bean Research Alliance, CGIAR-CIAT)

Lead Author – Integration of pulses into food systems: 
Dr. Carol Henry (Associate Professor of Nutrition and Diet, University of Saskatchewan)

Lead Author – Integration across agricultural, nutritional and social sciences: 
Dr. Diego Rubiales (Professor, Spanish National Research Council / Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, CSIC)

Lead Author – Spatially-explicit analyses related to local and global challenges: 
Dr. Jeet Singh Sandhu (Deputy Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Government of India)

Coordinating Author: 
Dr. Christine Negra (Principal, Versant Vision)