Lesson Plan 5 - Pulses Around the World  Published Popular


Primary Schoolchildren – Ages 8-11


To explore cultural contexts of pulses throughout history and in modern times.


  • Students will compare diets around the world and throughout history.
  • Students will develop their understanding of how different pulses are used in different dishes around the world.
  • Students will consider how different countries / cultures use pulses to meet their dietary needs and the role global trade plays in that process.


  1. World map (from teacher pack).
  2. Diets through the ages fact sheet (from teacher pack).
  3. Modern diets fact sheet (from teacher pack).
  4. National dishes that use pulses fact sheet (from teacher pack).
  5. Pulse import and export data fact sheet (from teacher pack).

Suggestions for further development:

  • Research how your own country uses pulses. Do they play a major part in your diet? Does your country grow more or less pulses than it needs? How does the trade in pulses affect your country?
  • For further reading: Hungry Planet, What The World Eats by Peter Menzel.