Lesson Plan 2 - Health and Nutrition  Published Popular


Primary Schoolchildren – Ages 8-11


To introduce the role of pulses in relation to maintaining a balanced diet.


  • Students will recognise the role different foods play in a balanced diet, and the effects on health of an unbalanced diet.
  • Students will explore ways in which we can design balanced meals from different food types.
  • Students will evaluate the benefits of including pulses in a balanced diet.


  1. Diagram of a balanced diet (from teacher pack).
  2. Diagram of an unbalanced diet without fruit and vegetables (from teacher pack).
  3. Diagram of an unbalanced diet without protein (from teacher pack).
  4. Diagram of an empty plate (from teacher pack).
  5. Food diary page (from teacher pack).

Suggestions for further development:

Ask pupils to keep a food diary (resource 5) of the meals that they have at home, and decide if they are balanced or unbalanced, and if not, what items could be added or removed to help re-balance the meal.