Lesson Plan 1 - Introduction to Pulses and the International Year of Pulses  Published Popular


Primary Schoolchildren – Ages 8-11

To introduce the idea of pulses (grain legumes) as edible parts of a plant.


  • Students will identify and recognise the different parts of plants that are edible.
  • Students will collaboratively create a class display, characterising plant crops through nutritional value.
  • Students will consider the importance of the UN promotion of pulses.


  1. (a) Diagram of the edible parts of plants (b) Plant part labels and examples for each (all from the teacher pack).
  2. (a) Set A & B: Blank flash-cards, (b) Details of nutritional facts of a variety of foods derived from plants (all from the teacher pack).

Suggestions for further development:
The class display can be continued as an ongoing project with pupils adding more detail as the series of lessons continues. Pupils could find or make extra resources at home for any of the edible plants they have discussed in class, or any others that they may be interested in, to stick to the display.